Welcome to our library of resources with links to helpful websites, reports, and toolkits related to Thrive in 5, our various programs, and partners.

 1.    Boston Children Thrive: Connecting Families, Building Community – Year 4 – Summative Evaluation Brief

Authored by the University of Massachusetts Boston,  this report summarizes the findings and lessons learned from the first four years of the Boston Children Thrive initiative.

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2.    Boston Family Engagement Network (BFEN)

The Boston Family Engagement Network is a citywide coalition focused on raising awareness about the importance of family engagement in the life of a young child. It is a network of parents, community partners, early educators, and family support workers who are invested in ensuring that beginning at birth, all young children have access to a quality educational experience whether at home, in school, or in child care.

3.    Boston K1DS – Boston Public School’s Department of Early Childhood Website 

Resource page on Boston Preschool Expansion Grant and Boston K1 in Diverse Settings (Boston K1DS), including a brief overview and final report summarizing the process and results of the three-year Boston K1DS pilot.

4.    Boston’s School Readiness Roadmap

The roadmap defined Thrive in 5’s vision, goals, and strategies and includes data on Boston’s children, families, and services, as well as implementation steps for each component of the plan.

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5.    Boston UPK Advisory Committee Report 2016

The Boston Universal Pre-Kindergarten Advisory Committee report is focused on Boston’s goal of providing all of the City’s four-year-olds access to high-quality Pre-K programs by 2020.

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6.    Data & Resources Investing in Vital Early Education (DRIVE) Website

Launched by United Way with the support of its Private Equity/Venture Capital Leadership Council in 2014, DRIVE is an initiative for achieving universal child development screening for young children. It represents a commitment to developing a statewide profile of the developmental needs of at risk children ages 0-5 and aligning public and private resources with those needs to support universal school readiness for all children.

 7.    Early Childhood-LINC Website

Early Childhood-LINC is a learning and innovation network developed by and for communities. The mission is to support families and improve results for young children in communities across the country with a focus on accelerating the development of effective, integrated, local early childhood systems. Boston was selected as one of 9 exemplary member communities because of Thrive in 5’s long history of building effective early childhood systems.

8.    Fulfilling Boston’s Promise to Its Children: Taking Stock Report

An overview of Thrive in 5’s vision, progress, and unfinished agenda was prepared by the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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9.   Parent Leadership Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to provide materials, implementation details, and lessons learned about Thrive in 5’s Parent Leadership Model.

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10.  Parent Screener Handbook Excerpts

This document contains excerpts from Thrive in 5’s Parent Screener Handbook, which was developed as part of the Screen to Succeed initiative.

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11.   Picture-based Child Development Handouts

Handouts utilized as a part of our Screen to Succeed initiative featuring age-appropriate child development activities for children ages 1-48 months.

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12.     Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot (REQIP) Toolkit

This Toolkit was developed to share materials developed for the Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot, as well as challenges faced and lessons learned. The Toolkit describes key features of the Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot, tools for working with programs and for working with technical assistance providers (TAPs), and the changes and lessons learned during the two pilot years (2013-2015).

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13.    Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot (REQIP) one-pager

This one-pager provides a high-level overview of the Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot.

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14.   Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot (REQIP) Outcome Evaluation – Year 2 Report

This report provides an outcome evaluation of REQIP, with an emphasis on child outcomes, as well as observations of the REQIP educators, and documentation of progress at both the program and system level.

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15.    Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot (REQIP) Process Evaluation – Year 1 Report

This report provides a process evaluation of the implementation of REQIP with information about recruitment, and the work of the Quality Improvement Partner (QIP) and the Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs), and program progress over the initial months.

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16.   Wellesley Centers for Women Website

Wellesley Centers for Women served as the Quality Improvement Partner for the Ready Educators Quality Improvement Pilot (REQIP). For more than 20 years, researchers on the Work, Families and Children team have studied the lives of children and adults, and the workplaces, early care, and education programs also families in which they live, work and grow. The Work, Families and Children team applies an ecological systems model to the study of the lives of children and adults.