Screen To Succeed

Accomplishment #3: Screen to Succeed

Empowering families, organizations, and communities through child development data

Screen to Succeed is a groundbreaking initiative for advancing universal child development screening for young children in the city of Boston.

Mom Child screened at FNC WIC event

Our goals for Screen to Succeed were twofold:

1.) Support Children & Families:

• Build community capacity to screen children early for potential developmental delays. And use the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) as an opportunity for family engagement, education, and referral to services.

• Help families take an active approach to gaining more knowledge about their child’s development and advocating for the resources necessary to support their children’s school readiness.

2.) Drive Policy & Systems Change:  

• Create a universal screening system. In order to gain a better understanding of the developmental progress of young children in Boston inform funding and policy decisions.

• The United Way’s Data & Resources Investing in Vital Early Education (DRIVE) will continue to build on Screen to Succeed’s progress when it comes to developmental screening.

Learn more about Screen to Succeed in our report: Every Child Given Every Opportunity to Thrive