Thrive and learn at Camp Harbor View For Boston Kids

Why is thrive and learn at Camp Harbor View so highly recommended? Camp Harbor is a summer camp for Boston kids who may not have had the opportunity to have a special summer.

Camp Harbor View Recommended for Thrive And Learn Kids

Camp Harbor View is in its 13th year and helping children thrive and learn. This campground is not just for fun also good for thrive and learn.

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Boston is only a short boat ride away. But Camp Harbor View on Long Island in Boston Harbor is heaven for most of the kids who come here.

Camp Harbor View is a program that gives middle and high school students the opportunity to be kids,” said Camp Director Lisa Fortenberry.

According to Fortenberry, the camp hosts 900 young people each summer for a two-week, four-week program.

Many of them are from our community and have no green open space, great views and views, and no opportunity to be by the sea,” Fortenberry said. “This is an opportunity for the kids here to challenge themselves, engage in new experiences and make new friends.”

Interesting Activities To Do In Camp Harbor

Campers can also take part in new activities. Such as learning to play golf, cycling without worrying about traffic jams. Also practicing dance skills with a choreographer. And building confidence by conquering stone walls.

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“It was so much fun. All I did was climb the wall and touch the top,” says camper Sevaja Neal.

The excitement is “catch”, but there’s a lot more going on. Teamwork, communication, persistence, and resilience are some of the lessons we learned, Fortenberry said.

Camper Naija Santiago described the experience as a “fun way of learning”.

Some children even complete leadership training programs and become mentors.

I feel like I can help build on the experience to make the summer even better,” said Zachary Leung-Tat, one of the training leaders.

Conclusion When At Camp Harbor To Thrive And Learn

The camp also provides campers with three meals a day. Breakfast on the boat to the island, lunch on the island, and dinner on the way home.

“There’s a sense of security in this community, there’s inspiration in this community, and many of our children fighting on this island deserve and need it,” Fortenberry said.

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